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  • Brand: Digitech

    Digitech vuelve a facilitar la búsqueda de tu sonido. En este caso, presenta el Hyper Phase, un pedal compacto de phaser que cuenta con 7 modos diferentes para que puedas experimentar con toda la diversidad de sonidos phaser en un sólo pedal!

  • Brand: Digitech

    We like to think that the name DigiTech is synonymous with the word innovation. We offer up the first true multi-voice stomp box ever as proof! Morph from 1 to 16 voices using the voice knob to get chorus effects so thick it puts that week old coffee on your desk to shame!

    You asked for options and DigiTech delivered them in this rugged metal chassis that includes voice randomization, dual mono and stereo outputs, and switchable cabinet modeling. Don't settle for a standard Chorus pedal that keeps you wanting more. Be amazed with a Chorus pedal that gives you more than you thought was possible!